ISRAEl sanchez

be·lieve /bəˈlēv/

Sight Beyond The Skies    

• This album is powerful 🎶
9 songs recorded in 432hz just as was the Amaranth Lp

...432 HZ (4+3+2=9)

The concept and intent of this album is to expand our awareness in this lifetime of all that we are truly capable of •
Sight beyond the skies  
The ability to see beyond what would often be described as our outer limits•
The sky is no longer the limit•
It never was•
We are no longer defined by what is possible, as the impossible manifests itself on a daily basis

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The amaranth l.p. 

  • the Amaranth Lp was released Dec 2016 and was recorded in the 432 Hertz freq tuning

     I chose 9 songs for the album as the number 9 tends to repeat itself as a theme
    ...432 HZ (4+3+2=9)

    Both themes of
    Light & Dark are
    represented in
    the artwork & lyrical
    content with the intention
    to integrate & create

    /ˈaməˌranTH/ imaginary, undying flower.
    2. an imaginary flower that never fades.

✦New Frontiers✦

Live loop session - Channeling

'AMARANTH' - the amaranth lp-

everybody wants to rule the world



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